The Simple Way to Get On Demand Massage in Hyde Park

Keeping a regular health and beauty regime going can be difficult when life makes a hundred different demands on your time. Here’s something that will make it just a bit easier to get the care and attention you need and deserve. Request on demand massage in Hyde Park and your masseur could be on your doorstep within an hour of you getting in touch.

There’s a wide range of different treatments on offer too. Any of the following options can be booked instantly, or appointments can be reserved for up to three weeks ahead. It’s all very simple, you just have to decide which of the following suits you best:

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – A full home body massage suited to any occasion when you don’t have a specific problem to treat. A skillful and experienced masseur will soothe away the tensions of the day and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Deep muscle recovery – Long term stress or the effects of an office lifestyle often make themselves felt. Knots or adhesions can from, metabolic breakdown products get trapped in the muscles and you end up feeling permanently tired and tense. In extreme cases the muscle groups themselves can become misaligned leading to pain, stiffness, and awkward posture. Your therapist will work way the knots, restore circulation, and realign the muscles.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – Fatty deposits under the skin give rise to a dimpled appearance, sometimes compared to orange peel. Your Sparista will use techniques designed to break down these deposits and encourage the healthy lymphatic drainage and circulation necessary to flush them away. Your skin will look firmer and more toned even after a single session. Further improvements can be expected from repeating the treatment several times.

Pregnancy massage – It’s a special time, so you deserve special care. Apart from being soothing and relaxing, massage can be used to treat some of the common effects of pregnancy, such as swollen ankles, leg cramps, lower back pain, and frequent headaches.

Couples massage – When both you and your partner would like a treatment at the same time we’ll send along two therapists. It’s not necessary for you to each choose the same treatment. Bringing the atmosphere of the spa into your home is a treat in itself.

Any therapist you book through USPAAH will be a qualified, certified and experienced practitioner. They’ll also have been reference-vetted and interviewed to ensure that they’re people who share our goal, to deliver top quality spa type services in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or office and to ensure your complete satisfaction with your treatment.

Set up your appointment for massage in Hyde Park through concierge, use the booking form on this site or do it using our phone app.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

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4.79 / 5 Rating
42 Reviews
service is not what i was expecting, massage was average, deffinitely not worth the price
Terrible hair job. Nice stylist but very weak in styling/setting hair! I asked for soft finger wave (Hollywood glamour style),showed the atylist a picture and got a below average pin curl set with no product, least of all from the advertised luxe Oribe collection. I have one length, fine silky hair and this stylist saw fit to rough dry, use a large barrel iron badly then Pin curl set. I left it in for 3 hours and it dropped out literally 2 mins later! As a new customer to the service I was only offered £20 off a massage!? Rubbish Uspaah. You need to learn the meaning of luxe service and hire stylists not because of what salon they work at but their ability to style hair! Make up was completely average also. Rubbish service-back to BLOW I go!
Easy to book, and customer services responded to my queries straight away. Sparista turned up in good time, was friendly, professional and managed to create a home spa in my spare room in a matter of minutes. The music and room spray created a lovely environment, and having a choice of quality oils was great. Massage was lovely, just the right amount of pressure- will definitely be using Uspaah again!