Your Ultimate Guide to Russian Volume Lashes

What are Russian lashes?

Russian Volume eyelash extensions are the latest multi-lash layering technique to take the health and beauty industry by storm. Essentially a bouquet of individual eyelash extensions is applied on every single natural lash, to create an incredible, glamorous look which is high in volume and sophistication.

Although they are often used to create a powerful impact statement, these lashes can also be tailored to the subtler end of the spectrum. With Russian Volume Lashes, your look is entirely down to you.

People with fine lashes will see the biggest transformation in their look with Russian Volume Extensions, but even if you have heavy natural lashes, you can achieve dramatic effects. Here’s everything you need to know:

Are Russian lashes mink? What are they made of?


Russian Volume Lashes are usually made from synthetic Mink or another variety of ultra-fine synthetic fibre.
Synthetic Mink tends to be the preference because they appear thicker and have greater body.

What’s the difference between Classic, 3D lashes and Russian lashes?

Classic lashes involve a single lash extension being applied to single natural lash on a 1:1 basis. Lashes which are described as 2D, 3D follow 2:1 or 3:1 application respectively. So, with a 3D eyelash extension, you have three lash extensions being applied to a single natural lash.

Russian Volume Lashes take this to the ultimate level. With Russian Volume Lashes, you can have anywhere from 2 to 10 lash extensions for every natural lash. These can be varied not only by number but by the thickness and length of the extensions, allowing more or fewer extensions to be used as desired.

How long does it take to apply Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Applying Russian Volume Extension Lashes requires a highly skilled and experienced professional. They usually take anywhere from between 1.5 to 3 hours to apply, depending on how much volume you want to add to your lashes. This is a process you don’t want to be rushed because of how intricate the technique is.

How long do Russian volume lashes last? How to properly look after your Russian lash extensions

If looked after properly, Russian Volume Lashes should last a bit longer than your classic lash extensions. Somewhere in the region of 4-6 weeks is common, though getting infills during that time is sensible if you want to ensure you keep your look strong.

Caring for your new lashes is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

  • Avoid contact with water for the first 48 hours (no washing your face with hot water, swimming, steam rooms or saunas)
  • Don’t wear mascara
  • Use an oil-free make-up remover
  • Pat your lashes dry after washing your face rather than rubbing

How often do Russian lashes need infills?

To keep your Russian Volume Lashes looking their best, infills are usually a good idea every 2-3 weeks, though they can often last up to four weeks. This will depend, of course, on how rapidly your natural lashes fall out and are replaced.Regular infills also allow your beautician to check that your natural lashes are still healthy and happy underneath.

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