What is brow lamination?

If you’re over 30, you may have been taught that thinner is better, but no more! The “thick brows” look made famous by the 90s icon Denise Richards, is back for good.

It’s the latest beauty craze to sweep in on our inboxes and salon menus, but what exactly is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a non-evasive treatment which gives you a brow lift and is often used by people who have lost eyebrow hair. The effect is only temporary but creates the appearance of a fuller eyebrow. Contrary to popular belief there are different looks you can achieve with brow lamination. The treatment is also good for people with unruly or curly brows that are normally hard to style or keep in place. A lamination treatment can fix the hairs in your desired position, making it easier for every day management.

How long does eyebrow lamination last?

Laminated brows can last between six and eight weeks, providing you follow the after-care advice. Avoid baths or showers for 24 hours, or any other situations where your brows are likely to get wet. After that, you can wash and go back to using your usual skincare products without risking ruining the eyebrow lamination. If you want to keep the wet look, you can apply a gel or serum.

How brow lamination works

First the brows are cleaned and the client is asked about the shape they want. A lifting cream is applied to the brows, which gives them a lift similar to a brow sculpt. The brows are brushed into place, ensuring every hair follows the same direction of growth. A setting lotion is used to hold them in place. Then an oil is also applied to replace any lost moisture as a result of the chemicals used.

Then you have the option of having your brows tinted, tweezed or waxed, as needed.

Eyebrow lamination can give you a fresh natural look, as it opens up your eyes and the brushed up hairs add to a more “awake” overall appearance due to the lack of harsh lines in the brow shape.

Brow lamination is generally a very simple non-invasive treatment, but if you’ve had previous allergies to tinting products, you may want to ask your beautician for a patch test beforehand.

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