5 Movember Moustaches, Which Style Suits You?

Guys, as the nights draw in and Autumn arrives, so does Movember. That means the time has arrived to start growing those moustaches to raise awareness for cancer. But with so many styles to choose from, which one do you go for?? Luckily we are here to help with some mo’ inspiration – here are 5 styles to get you inspired.

1. The Petite Handlebar Mo

A handlebar, but smaller. Pair it with a beard for extra edgy-ness. Perfect for all 20 and 30 something year old urban gents who already sport a full beard…

2. The Horseshoe Mo

A normal moustache with two long bars pointing downwards. Not a fan of facial hair in general, but want to have some “hairy” fun once a year? This is the style for you! Definitely a conversation starter…

3. The Pencil Mo

A pencil-thin strip of hair that outlines the top lip. You are slick, you are sexy, you rarely leave the house without product in your hair, all in all you are a cool cat, and if anyone can pull this look off it’s YOU…

4. The Painters Brush Mo

Thick and heavy, and just as it says on the tin – looks just like a paints brush. You are regularly voted Dad of the year, you stick to classic styles and avoid fashion fads. For you, this look is just a regular day in the office, and it works…

5. The Cowboy Mo

Messier and longer than a normal moustache, and a bit rough around the edges. Live in the “shires” and have at least 1 horse? This is the style for you my friend… You own it, you sport it, you love it…

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