On Demand Massage at Your Victoria UK Home

These days it’s all too easy to be too busy to take care of your own needs. In the short term you’ll get away with an ‘all work’ lifestyle, over time the pressure will build up and you’ll pay with your health. To help you avoid the work trap, USPAAH now offers on demand massage in Victoria.

Choose any of our contact routes to send your request and you could be enjoying any of the treatments listed below within one hour of getting in touch:

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – A Swedish relax and unwind massage in your home is the perfect way to de-stress at the end of a working week, or a great way to restore your energies in the middle of one. Because you can book your session at just one hour’s notice you’ll be able to work your treatment into unexpected gaps in your schedule.

Deep muscle recovery – This treatment is indicated when deep muscles have gone into tension, the muscle groups can become misaligned, knots and adhesions form, and blood supply is impeded leading to a build up of toxins. Symptoms include muscle stiffness and feelings of deep fatigue. Your Sparista will focus their attention on the areas giving the problem and apply deep pressure to restore healthy circulation, ease away the knots and cleanse the muscles.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – Another specialist and focused treatment. In this case the aim is to break down fatty nodules under the skin, otherwise known as cellulite. Your therapist will also use techniques designed to encourage lymph drainage so that the released fats can be carried away. The result will be smoother, better toned skin.

Pregnancy massage – A pregnancy massage will sooth away general aches and pains, and can also be used to relive some of the specific common problems of pregnancy. Lower back pain, leg cramps, and frequent headaches can all be reduced by massage therapy. In addition to this, massage is a natural way of reducing anxiety levels and promoting relaxation.

Couples massage – Why book just one Sparista when you can have two? Your partner and yourself will each receive the treatment of your choice and sharing the experience adds to the benefits of the session for you both.

massage in Victoria

All USPAAH Sparistas are qualified and certified in their speciality, and are also selected for their commitment to delivering first class customer service.

Massage in Victoria is available seven days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm. Use any of our contact routes to request an immediate treatment and someone will be with you within an hour. Alternatively, use our contact form, app, or email us to reserve an appointment for up to three weeks ahead.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

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4.85 / 5 Rating
78 Reviews
I used the app for the first time and had a great experience at home . Gina was excellent, very professional and experienced. She knew exactly which areas to concentrate and I was very pleased as she covered all areas that I felt soar. I highly recommend using their services. Will be a regular client. 😊
Dada came to my flat and was lovely from start to finish! The massage was absolutely wonderful, checking the pressure and setting the mood perfectly. Super professional yet friendly and calming. Thank you so much!
This was my first time issuing the service and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was excellent. Really easy to book and an appointment was available only 2 hours later. Alana came with everything which took the stress out of things. She was lovely and professional and it was a really great massage! She checked the correct pressure and worked around a sore arm. I feel so relaxed now. And it’s so amazing to have it in the comfort of your own home. I will definitely book again and hopefully with Alana.