The On Demand Massage Service Tooting Residents Trust

Book the on demand massage Tooting residents can enjoy any day of the week. That’s what the USPAAH massage service at home is all about. The quality of service you’ll get is at least the equal of anything you’d expect from a top-class stationary salon – the big difference is that your mobile masseur comes to you.

Any of the treatments listed below are available from 7 am, through to 10 pm. If you know what you want, go ahead and set up your service right now. If you’re undecided read on to find out a little bit about the options on offer:

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – This is the place to start for your first ever massage. A classic full-body treatment that relaxes every muscle in your body, stimulates circulation, and leaves you feeling head-to-toe good.

Deep muscle recovery – If you’re going through long term stress or can’t find time for exercise, deep muscle groups can go into a state of permanent tension. Knots and adhesions form, these restrict blood-flow, toxins start to accumulate in the muscles and a general negative cycle is all too easily established. Your therapist will use firm pressure to break up the knots, improve circulation, and restore vitality and balance to deep muscle groups.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – In this case the emphasis is on breaking down subcutaneous fatty deposits. These give rise to a dimpled skin effect sometimes described as resembling cottage cheese or orange peel. Your Sparista will use firm pressure to break down cellulite and encourage lymph drainage of the fatty by-products and toxins released by your treatment. The skin surface is toned and firmed as a result.

Pregnancy massage – The benefits of massage during pregnancy are both physical and psychological. On a physical level, massage can relieve back pain, sciatic pain, leg cramps, and oedema. On a psychological level massage induces relaxation and lowers stress levels.

Couples massage – Setting up a massage session for both yourself and your partner is easy to do. Simply ask USPAAH to provide two the same time. This is a perfect present for the two of you – perhaps to celebrate an anniversary, or simply book because you both deserve a treat!

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Whatever Tooting massage treatment you choose it will be provided by a qualified, certified practitioner who’s been reference-vetted and passed through a detailed face to face interview.

Book your Tooting massage services directly through this site, via concierge or take advantage of our app to set up an appointment at your home, office, or hotel any day of the week.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

USPAAH is rated 4.85 stars by based on 78 merchant reviews

4.85 / 5 Rating
78 Reviews
I used the app for the first time and had a great experience at home . Gina was excellent, very professional and experienced. She knew exactly which areas to concentrate and I was very pleased as she covered all areas that I felt soar. I highly recommend using their services. Will be a regular client. 😊
Dada came to my flat and was lovely from start to finish! The massage was absolutely wonderful, checking the pressure and setting the mood perfectly. Super professional yet friendly and calming. Thank you so much!
This was my first time issuing the service and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was excellent. Really easy to book and an appointment was available only 2 hours later. Alana came with everything which took the stress out of things. She was lovely and professional and it was a really great massage! She checked the correct pressure and worked around a sore arm. I feel so relaxed now. And it’s so amazing to have it in the comfort of your own home. I will definitely book again and hopefully with Alana.