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Get all the enjoyment of a top quality spa-style massage treatment without the hassle or time-loss associated with travelling to the spa. USPAAH is proud to offer on demand massage in Parsons Green, an innovative approach to making sure busy people get the care and services they need in a way that fits the demands of twenty-first century lifestyles.

Any of the treatments described below can be booked for the soonest possible appointment, which generally means within an hour of your call. Alternatively, book your chosen treatment up to three weeks in advance. Just decide which of the following best suits your needs:

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We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – This is a great introduction to massage if you’re not used to the practice. An all-purpose full-body massage which can be gentle or more vigorous according to your preferences.

Deep muscle recovery – This home service massage is indicated when the deep muscle groups in the body have gone into permanent tension or when knots and adhesions have formed. Your masseur will use firm pressure to break up the knots, ease away trapped toxins, encourage a healthy blood flow, and so reduce stiffness, pain and muscle fatigue.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – A massage that’s also a beauty treatment. Your Sparista will work to break down cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, upper arms or elsewhere. By removing fatty deposits and encouraging healthy blood flow and lymph drainage your therapist will leave you with a more toned and contoured body.

Pregnancy massage – Any mum to-be deserves a little pampering, and that’s almost reason enough to book a pregnancy massage. Beyond this, massage in pregnancy is a safe way to address some of the common problems experienced at this time. Massage can alleviate leg cramps, sooth lower back pain, reduce headaches and is helpful in treating swollen ankles too.

Couples massage – You can both choose the same treatment options or select different ones, so you get all the flexibility you’d expect from any USPAAH service. This makes a great gift to yourselves for any special occasion.

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Whatever massage you’re seeking in Parsons Green, when you contact USPAAH to find your therapist you’re sure of getting a truly professional service. All practitioners are reference-checked, all are certified in their speciality, and share our commitment to the highest quality customer care.

Request a service for weekdays or weekends. Sparistas are available from 7 am to 10 pm and can be booked via concierge, by filling out the booking form on this site or by using our phone app. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, why not do it now. Then you’ll be able to book your massage in Parsons Green whenever you want, wherever you are.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

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4.84 / 5 Rating
64 Reviews
I ordered a 90 min and it was the best decision made, best money and time spent at the comfort of my own home. The masseur was extremely professional, knowledgeable and nice. I was not feeling well because of a cold and I am convinced the treatment helped speed up my recovery! Thank you Uspaah team!
I had a pleasure of using USPAAH services in order to get ready for the Christmas Party for work. I must admit Tatiana made me feel like a movie star! She's done an amazing job, I didn't recognise the beauty I've seen in the mirror! On top of that, she was punctual, quick but thorough and efficient. Based on this experience I can definitely recommend USPAAH to anyone - such a miracle to get this all done at home!
Uspaah offers great beauty and spa services performed by experienced professionals.