Mobile On Demand Massage Service in Kensington and Chelsea

Get the maximum benefits of a professionally delivered massage by cutting out the need to travel to the spa or beauty salon. USPAAH offers you mobile, on demand massage in Kensington and Chelsea. Now you can get the service of your choice, in the comfort of your home. And at very short notice too.

Any of the options described below are available seven days a week. Arrange your Kensington massage services or book a masseur in Chelsea instantly and you could be enjoying your treatment in as little as one hour:

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – This is a great introduction to the joys of massage. A full-body treatment designed to ease away the tensions of the day and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world anew.

Deep muscle recovery – Symptoms such as a permanently stiff neck, lower back pain or shoulder stiffness can all indicate that the deepest muscles, those closest to the bone, have formed knots and adhesions or even become misaligned. Your therapist will focus on the muscle groups that are causing the problems, break down the tensions, and encourage the healthy circulation needed to take away the toxins which are causing those aches and pains.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – If you have cellulite, you’ll have noticed it. Nodules of fatty tissue just below the skin give rise to a lumpy or dimpled effect sometimes described as looking like orange peel. Your masseuse in Chelsea will use special techniques to break down the fatty deposits, encourage their removal by stimulating circulation and lymph drainage, and leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and more contoured.

Pregnancy massage – Massage can be immensely helpful in relieving the stresses imposed on the body during pregnancy. Lower back pain, leg cramps, headaches and oedema in the extremities are common examples of symptoms that can be relieved. This is also a time when the convenience of a mobile massage service comes to the forefront. When you don’t feel like going out your Kensington masseuse will come to you.

Couples massage – Share the experience of massage at home with your partner. USPAAH will send two Sparistas who’ll turn your home into a haven of relaxation, and you each get to enjoy the treatment of your choice.

massage in Kensington and Chelsea

USPAAH services are available all over Kensington and Chelsea, including Notting Hill and Bayswater

All therapists undergo reference checking and personal interview before being accepted as USPAAH Sparistas. They are of course, fully qualified, certified and experienced in their field.

Book a massage in Kensington or Chelsea any day of the week, appointments are available from 7 am through to 10 pm. Use our app, or book through concierge or contact form on this site. You can request an immediate appointment, and someone will be with you within the hour. Alternatively, use any of our booking options to reserve a slot for up to three weeks in advance.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

USPAAH is rated 4.79 stars by based on 42 merchant reviews

4.79 / 5 Rating
42 Reviews
service is not what i was expecting, massage was average, deffinitely not worth the price
Terrible hair job. Nice stylist but very weak in styling/setting hair! I asked for soft finger wave (Hollywood glamour style),showed the atylist a picture and got a below average pin curl set with no product, least of all from the advertised luxe Oribe collection. I have one length, fine silky hair and this stylist saw fit to rough dry, use a large barrel iron badly then Pin curl set. I left it in for 3 hours and it dropped out literally 2 mins later! As a new customer to the service I was only offered £20 off a massage!? Rubbish Uspaah. You need to learn the meaning of luxe service and hire stylists not because of what salon they work at but their ability to style hair! Make up was completely average also. Rubbish service-back to BLOW I go!
Easy to book, and customer services responded to my queries straight away. Sparista turned up in good time, was friendly, professional and managed to create a home spa in my spare room in a matter of minutes. The music and room spray created a lovely environment, and having a choice of quality oils was great. Massage was lovely, just the right amount of pressure- will definitely be using Uspaah again!