How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

These days, it seems like everyone wants to get the luxurious, healthy hair that they see celebrities showcasing on social media. Sometimes this means trying to grow your hair length out or improving its thickness. Whatever the specific style you’re trying to achieve or maintain, there are certain tips that can assist you along the way. To help you out, we’ve put together some expert answers to common hair maintenance questions, which will help you to get your hair in excellent condition in no time at all.

How often should you cut your hair if you want it to grow out/longer?

This is one of the most common hairstyling questions that we get asked in our profession. If you’re trying to grow your hair longer, it might seem counterintuitive to book in for regular trims, but this is actually essential. A good haircut removes your split ends and damaged hair, which prevents your hair from splitting further and weakening your strands. You don’t want a choppy and uneven length that is caused by breakage, so a regular haircut is actually your best friend when growing your hair out.

How often should you cut your hair if you want it to be thicker?

Another frequent desire from our hairstyling clients is to achieve thicker, healthier hair. Just like growing your hair longer, this goal can be met by opting for regular haircuts. You should visit the hair salon approximately every three months to keep your hair in tip-top condition. By removing those ends with broken bonds you will not only prevent further breakage, but you will also achieve a blunter look at the end, which improves the appearance of thickness.

How often should you trim your hair to maintain your hairstyle?

If you’re already happy with your hair cut, including its length and thickness, then you should head to the salon about every six to eight weeks. This timeframe allows your stylist to maintain your chosen style without the ends growing out too far. If you wait too long between appointments, your style could start to look messy and your ends might become more damaged, which could result in you needing more length taken off at your next appointment.

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