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Eyelash extensions

Starting from £69

Our Sparistas carry the finest selection of natural looking mink and silk lashes. Choose from a natural look, or full on glam. Please note that application can take up to 2 hours during which you will be asked to lie down in a comfortable position either on your bed or sofa.

Mobile eyelash extensions, applied in the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel, are now easily available. Maybe you’re looking for a subtle enhancement of your natural eyelashes, perhaps you’re seeking a full glamour film star effect. Either way, use the USPAAH app and a fully qualified professional will be with you in as little as one hour, fully equipped to apply the lash extensions of your choice.

What to Expect from Your Mobile Lash Extensions

However steady your hand is, applying conventional mascara is a tricky job. And despite the vast improvements in make up technology over the years, it’s hard to claim that any mascara is 100% proof from running and smudging in all circumstances. Lash extensions offer a long lasting, eye enhancing beauty treatment that will take you on your beach holiday, or to the most emotional of occasions, with absolute confidence.

You’ll have a choice of natural mink or silk lashes in a variety of shades, lengths, and fullness of effect, so you can be subtle or go for a full-on look. Your Sparista will be happy to advise you if you’re in any doubt.

How it’s done

You’ll lie back and relax while your therapists adds lash extensions one by one to your own natural lashes. The adhesive used is hypoallergenic of course, and you’ll find the process to be totally non-invasive. Eyelash extension can be applied in as little as one hour, but timing will depend on your requirements. Allow two hours to be on the safe side.

How long do lash extensions last?

Properly cared for, your extensions will be shed as a result of your natural hair growth cycle. For most people this is around 6 to 8 weeks. Your lash technician will give you full information on the best ways to make sure your new lashes last for as long as possible. The most important thing is to give the adhesive time to set fully before getting your lashes wet, so it’s best not to book this work the day before a sauna (or your children’s school play if you’re the sentimental sort!).

Who’ll Complete Your Eyelash Extension Home Service

For this delicate beauty treatment USPAAH only selects qualified, certified, eyelash technicians with lots of experience. We always conduct CRB checks, take up references, and double check certifications before accepting anyone to work as a USPAAH Sparista.

Competence is vital of course, but it’s also important that you enjoy your session. All practitioners are interviewed before starting to work with clients to make sure that they’re both professional and pleasant in their attitude. Expect to be treated with courtesy and consideration and to receive the kind of customer service you’d expect at any top end spa or salon. The only difference is that you cut out the time and trouble involved in travelling to your appointment.

Arrange Your Eyelash Extensions In The Comfort Of Your Home

Book your lash extensions appointment on any day of the week, and at any time between 7 am and 10 am. You can request the soonest possible service, in which case we expect to have someone with you within the hour, or you can reserve an appointment up to three weeks ahead.

It’s best to arrange early morning appointments the night before or earlier. Apart from that, use whichever of our contact options suits you best to book – fill in our online booking form, email concierge, or when you’re on the go, use the USPAAH app.

Contact: +44 20 7101 3534

Price List

New Set Eyelashes
Volume Set – £129
Natural Look – £109

Eyelash Infills
60 Min Infill – £69
60 Min VOL Infill – £79
90 Min Infill – £89
90 Min VOL Infill – £99

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4.85 / 5 Rating
66 Reviews
I recently used Uspaah after work having recieved the most amazing massage at home.The service was fast and professional with the therapist guiding me through the treatment. Way better than going to a salon. I will definitely be using Uspaah more regularly and so will my family and friends!
I love Uspaah and they are always my first choice as my, mobile therapy home service,for all my facials, massages, mani and pedis and my waxing.Because they have a varied choice of the best therapists who are highly perfessional and punctual.I don’t have time to go to salons ,and part of the success of the treatments is that I am at home,relaxed and in my own space. I am never disappointed.! I have recommended them to all my friends and family who are now fans too!😍👍👍
I ordered a 90 min and it was the best decision made, best money and time spent at the comfort of my own home. The masseur was extremely professional, knowledgeable and nice. I was not feeling well because of a cold and I am convinced the treatment helped speed up my recovery! Thank you Uspaah team!