Get an Expert Deep Tissue Sports Massage in London

Have a specialist therapist carry out a careful initial assessment and then get to work releasing the tension in all of your muscle groups with pressure and targeted strokes.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

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USPAAH offers mobile deep tissue massage across London, giving you the most convenient and relaxing way to get back to your best possible self.



Why USPAAH’s Deep Tissue Sports Massage is Good for You

A deep tissue sports massage gives you the benefits of being:

  • Designed around you: do you need more pressure to deal with your particular stresses and muscle strains? How about a little less? Your visiting deep tissue massage therapist will tailor your service to meet your needs.
  • Aimed at your specific problem areas: depending on the kinds of exercise you do and your own unique body, you’ll have certain areas which may be causing you problems – and these may differ from those of anyone else. Some of the areas your outcall deep tissue massage could address include problems with posture, tense muscles in your legs – hamstrings and glutes – as well as your quadriceps, rhomboids, and upper and lower back. Your session could also assist you if you’re struggling with chronic muscle pain, reduced mobility, repetitive strains or you are recovering from injuries.

  • Not just for athletes: almost everyone would benefit from a visiting deep tissue massage.
  • Highly convenient: because you can have your at-home deep tissue massage services happen anywhere in London – in your office or in your hotel as well as in your home – there’s no need to worry about therapist availability or travelling to the other side of the city to make yours happen.

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What to expect when you book a mobile deep tissue sports massage

  • The amount of pressure that your therapist will apply will vary depending on their professional assessment of your individual needs. Plus, they will start gently and allow your body to become used to the pressure before they start to build the strength of your treatment up if necessary.
  • The techniques they use include the application of pressure from hands – including thumbs and knuckles – as well as elbows in order to exert the requisite amounts of force.
  • After your treatment, it is normal to feel slightly sore. Once your body has had time to adjust and flush out toxins, you’ll experience a sense of relief and lightness.

How to prepare for your session

  • The best thing you can do before your mobile deep tissue massage therapist arrives is to set yourself up to relax. This will almost certainly involve turning off your phone and other devices. You may also want to put on some relaxing music and try to get some rest.
  • You’ll probably want to have a shower before your session starts too. We recommend making sure that you don’t have a very hot water temperature though – aim for warm or lukewarm at the most. This is because a hot shower can adversely affect your appointment by making you sweat and by affecting your blood flow.


Q. Will a deep tissue sports session be the same as any other massage therapist near me?
A. No. A deep tissue massage isn’t just a “harder” version of a Swedish massage. It is specifically designed to address tight and sore muscles.
Q. Where can I book a home deep tissue massage in London?
A. We cover almost all of the capital, including London zones 1-6.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

We are near you in London zones 1-6:

Central London: Knightsbridge, Holborn, Islington, Hyde Park, Westminster | West London: Kensington & Chelsea, Notting Hill, Victoria, Mayfair | South West London: Wandsworth, Battersea
and many more areas.

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