We are giving you, our customers and community, the chance to invest in USPAAH, and we’re offering up to 10% money back in treatments!   USPAAH is simply, Your Spa At Home. We launched in 2016, with a mission to make it more convenient for people to have wellness and beauty treatments, and to offer […]

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Wax, Thread, Tint

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How Massages Help You Get Healthier Without Lifting a Finger

A massage is a wonderful thing. Not only can it transport you into a world of pure relaxation, but it also has a list of added benefits for your health that you may not even be aware of. Here are four reasons to start treating yourself to a regular massage today. 1. Reduces postural stress […]

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5 Tips to Rejuvenate Burnt Out Skin

Overdid the tanning this summer? Don’t worry, USPAAH is here to help! Here are our top skincare secrets that we believe will rejuvenate your burnt out skin… 1. Micellar water In big cities like London, the air is full of toxic emissions from vehicles. These pollutants land on the surface of the skin, causing inflammation […]

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3 Rules for Perfect Eyelash Extensions

Let’s face it, mascara is messy and the application is a hassle! So when mascara won’t do the trick, the best way to get the perfect lashes is through eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular and are a key part of anyone’s beauty regime. However, you will want to ensure that […]

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Beach Prep For Men

Summer is here and it’s not just women who are worried about getting beach ready, it’s men too! If you’re a guy preparing for the beach, then check out these top 5 tips to help get you ready! To help you get beach ready, we are also offering our customers an exclusive £10 off all […]

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Valentines Special – Couples Massage at home with champagne and chocolates

Spoil someone with a heavenly couple’s massage at home topped with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  This year, February 14 falls on a weekend so why not make it an indulgent experience! Unwind with a blissful 60-minute massage for two at home, followed by Moet & Chandon champagne and chocolate strawberries from Harrods. Exclusive Valentines day package offer £150* *Offer valid till February 29, 2016 Contact concierge@uspaah.com to book

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USPAAH – 2016, the year ahead

  Describe your vision for 2016? 2016 for me is all about perfecting our customer experience and improving people’s lives. What challenges do you think you will face in the year ahead? As a startup, every day is a challenge really, but 3 main areas are at the forefront of our minds: Growing pains; i.e. maintaining […]

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QUIZ: What party look matches you best?

 Glam Diva? Rebel After Dark? Sunkissed Goddess? Which of our looks best defines you? Take our quiz to find out the look we think you should be wearing this party season…

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Reasons Why You NEED a Regular Massage Treatment

In the spirit of Spa Week, we shed light on the REAL benefits of one of the world’s most common spa services. Massage treatments historically, were a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, long before modern spa culture turned the concept of a massage into a “luxury treat” to be had only on special occasions. […]

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