How To Make Your Gel Nails Last Longer

There are many reasons to get a gel manicure. Even though they are a bit more expensive than your typical nail polish, they will last much longer. If you treat your gel manicure the right way, you can expect your nails to remain glossy and un-chipped for up to 3 weeks. How to care for […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Russian Volume Lashes

What are Russian lashes? Russian Volume eyelash extensions are the latest multi-lash layering technique to take the health and beauty industry by storm. Essentially a bouquet of individual eyelash extensions is applied on every single natural lash, to create an incredible, glamorous look which is high in volume and sophistication. Although they are often used […]

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What is brow lamination?

If you’re over 30, you may have been taught that thinner is better, but no more! The “thick brows” look made famous by the 90s icon Denise Richards, is back for good. It’s the latest beauty craze to sweep in on our inboxes and salon menus, but what exactly is brow lamination? Brow lamination is […]

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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

These days, it seems like everyone wants to get the luxurious, healthy hair that they see celebrities showcasing on social media. Sometimes this means trying to grow your hair length out or improving its thickness. Whatever the specific style you’re trying to achieve or maintain, there are certain tips that can assist you along the […]

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The Only Spray Tan Prep Guide You Need to Read

There’s a first time for everything, and when it comes to a spray tan it can feel a little awkward stripping down and getting bare for a stranger. So with that in mind – here’s the best way to get prepped and ready to make sure your spray tan experience is one for the books. […]

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LVL lash lift vs lash extensions – The difference explained

In the quest for longer, darker and thicker eyelashes, people have come up with a range of solutions. Mascara and fake eyelashes are still incredibly popular and used by many women on a daily basis. However, if you’ve been looking for something more permanent, you may have already wondered: what is the difference between LVL […]

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3 Ways to Look and Feel Professional This New Year

New Year, new you? Well this year could be the start of a more professional and well put together version of yourself. Staying well-groomed is crucial in many jobs, whether they’re customer-facing or otherwise. A polished look can help to convey an impression of capability and professionalism, however it can sometimes be tiring to maintain […]

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How Massages Help You Get Healthier Without Lifting a Finger

A massage is a wonderful thing. Not only can it transport you into a world of pure relaxation, but it also has a list of added benefits for your health that you may not even be aware of. Here are four reasons to start treating yourself to a regular massage today. 1. Reduces postural stress […]

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Pregnancy and Beauty: Dos & Don’ts

When you’re pregnant there are so many rules that you have to follow regarding the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. Every pregnant woman deserves to look and feel her best, but conflicting beauty advice can be somewhat confusing. To help you navigate this exciting time, we’ve gathered some useful tips on tanning, […]

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5 Movember Moustaches, Which Style Suits You?

Guys, as the nights draw in and Autumn arrives, so does Movember. That means the time has arrived to start growing those moustaches to raise awareness for cancer. But with so many styles to choose from, which one do you go for?? Luckily we are here to help with some mo’ inspiration – here are 5 […]

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