The Best Way to Get an On Demand Massage in Lambeth

Leaving the spa to face harsh London weather or heavy traffic is a great way to undo many of the beneficial effects of your treatments. Here’s a better option. Request an on demand massage in Lambeth that takes place at your own home.

USPAAH will send you a masseuse or masseur to provide any of the treatments described below. Your practitioner will be a fully qualified therapist who’s passed rigorous background vetting, and who’s committed to a top-class service which is equal to anything you’d receive in any health or beauty salon.

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We bring the spa to your door – 7am to 10pm

Swedish relax and unwind – The classic western full body massage, delivered at your home. A Swedish massage is perfect to unlock the day to day tensions of a busy life, and help you let go of the cares of your working day.

Deep muscle recovery – This treatment is more focused and deeper than a classic massage, though it uses many of the same techniques. Your Sparista will concentrate in specific areas where deep muscle tension can lead to restricted movement, or where tight bands of muscles are restricting blood flow leading to chronic aches and pains. Deep muscle recovery is often helpful to those with long standing back pain, neck and shoulder tension, or frequent headaches.

Anti-cellulite firm and tone – Your therapist will work on cellulite areas on the thighs, upper arms, or elsewhere. Fatty deposits and the toxins trapped within them are broken down by firm pressure and specialised anti-cellulite massage techniques. At the same time, blood flow and lymph drainage are stimulated, encouraging your body to get rid of substances released by the massage.

Pregnancy massage – Massage targeted towards the most common complaints experienced in pregnancy. Your therapist will soothe leg muscles fatigued by cramps, ease away the shoulder and neck tensions that can cause frequent headaches, and work on muscles in the lower back which are placed under extra strain at this time. Massage in pregnancy is also beneficial in reducing anxiety levels, and it’s just a nice way to focus on you as a person rather than you as a mum to-be.

Couples massage – Book a body massage at home, not just for yourself but for your partner too. USPAAH will provide two practitioners who’ll transform your home into a haven of calm and relaxation, and you’ll each choose your preferred treatment.

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You could be as little as one hour away from receiving your first USPAAH massage in Lambeth. Make your reservation by email, online using our contact form, or via our app. Sparistas are available from 7 am to 10 pm and can be booked for the soonest possible appointment or up to three weeks in advance.

Your personal spa concierge

We bring the spa to your door - 7am to 10pm

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4.97 / 5 Rating
37 Reviews
Uspaah is a great company. It provides professional service at a short notice. The beauty treatments are all fabulous and it is so fantastic to have beauty routines done in your own home at suitable hours to your schedule. Ladies we know how difficult it is to book nails, massage, facials during the day. Thanks Uspaah!!
Quick, easy and amazing service!
I used Uspaah for the first time last week. I found it incredible easy to book through the app. I saw Tracey who is very professional and she gave me a great massage. I will be back to try all the services!!! Thanks, Margaret